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Turkish ties hit rough patch after rough Erdogan visit

Turkey Demands US Fire Envoy in Spat over Syrian Kurds Turkish ties hit rough patch after rough Erdogan visit
Eleena Tovar | 19 May, 2017, 20:22

By coddling dictators such as Erdogan and allowing Turkey to export its "democratic" values by silencing its opposition through threats and violence, the USA administration displays weakness, encourages further incidents, and puts American citizens at risk.

The State Department condemned the attack as an assault on free speech, issuing a statement to express its concern regarding the violence outside the Turkish ambassador's residence.

On Thursday, Voice of America's Turkish Service released video showing Erdogan observing from the back seat of a auto while his security team pursued and attacked the protesters.

The incident has increased tensions between the US and Turkish governments.

"Brett McGurk is definitely giving support to PKK and YPG".

The incident was considered serious enough that Turkey's ambassador to the United States was summoned to the State Department on Wednesday to discuss it with Undersecretary Tom Shannon, the official said.

"Customary worldwide law affords heads of state and members of their entourage with inviolability from arrest and detention", a State Department official told ABC News.

While Brunson admits to welcoming Kurds at his Christian house of worship, the İzmir Resurrection Church, and sharing the stage with them while leading services, he has denied enabling the spread of any anti-Turkish government messages and noted that, as he did not speak Kurdish himself, he could not know what anyone said in his church in Kurdish. John McCain sent a letter to Erdogan on Thursday that describes the "violent response of your security detail" as a "blatant violation" of constitutional freedoms.

However, the two security detail members that were held after the brawl were released and are already back in Turkey.

"I ask that you immediately look into this matter and bring all appropriate charges before these individuals leave the United States".

"This kind of thing cannot go unresponded to diplomatically", and suggested lawsuits would be filed if the bodyguard responsible can't be identified.

Video appeared to show Erdogan's bodyguards hitting and kicking protesters and pulling out guns as D.C. police tried to intervene.

The Turkish Embassy meanwhile laid the blame on protestors "aggressively provoking Turkish-American citizens who had peacefully assembled to greet the president".

A firebrand U.S. senator has advocated for Turkey's Ambassador Serdar Kilic's removal of diplomatic credentials after what he called "thuggish" clashes in front of the Turkish embassy in the United States capital. It also fueled the perception that the US allows Turkey's leader to bring strongman tactics with him when he visits the USA capital.

Erdogan was in Washington, DC to meet with President Donald Trump, who praised him as a loyal ally in the battle against Islamic extremism.

Cavusoglu said Thursday that the Trump administration "did not show any reaction" to the Turkish warning.

Washington police said they were checking reports that two men who were arrested were among the Turkish leaders' guards, adding that other suspects were being sought.