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Vegas police: Martial arts chokehold used in deadly chase

Vegas police: Martial arts chokehold used in deadly chase The Latest: Vegas police: Unapproved neck hold used in chase
Tobias Pedroso | 19 May, 2017, 20:30

Las Vegas police should also stop using stun guns and training officers to use a neck restraint meant to cut off the flow of blood to the brain, attorney Andre Lagomarsino said.

Brown also used the name Tashi Sebastian Farmer and Tashii Farmer-Brown.

An officer's body camera video, as well as outside security camera footage, feature the chase and attack on the unarmed man.

Officer Lopera ordered Brown to get onto his stomach, and during that time Officer Lopera tased him again.

"I will!" Brown cries out, "Please!"

The video shows Brown on his back with his arms raised before another jolt from the stun gun makes his body stiffen.

Lopera, 31, has been a Las Vegas police officer for five years, McMahill said.

Lopera and Brown then scuffled as the officer attempted to handcuff Brown.

McMahill acknowledged that Lopera applied the choke hold for over one minute-far longer than the seven to 10 seconds that it may take for an approved carotid restraint to render a person unconscious-before releasing his grip as additional officers arrived on the scene to assist in restraining Brown, according to CBS News. It is not authorized by Las Vegas police. Brown is declared dead at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center shortly after arrival.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo told The Associated Press there was no indication that race played a role in the incident. An investigation is ongoing. The death of an unarmed man after police squeezed his neck during a struggle to subdue him outside the Las Vegas Strip casino raised questions about the risks of the technique created to restrict the flow of blood to the brain.

Farmer was sweating heavily, looked panicked, and stated that people were chasing him.

The episode began at about 12:50 a.m. Sunday when Farmer approached Lopera and his partner at a casino coffee shop in the Venetian. Lopera believed the fleeing Brown had tried to carjack a pickup truck with two people inside, but the driver of the vehicle didn't believe Brown was trying to take his vehicle, McMahill said.

Las Vegas police train to use a version of a chokehold created to avoid restricting the airway while cutting the flow of blood to the brain.

Brown was a father of two children in Hawaii and lived with his mother in Las Vegas where he had a business selling shoes, hats and clothing, according to Tynisa Braun, a cousin in Honolulu.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said there will be a public use-of-force review to air the findings of the investigation of Brown's death.

Metro is treating Brown's death the way the agency treats officer-involved shootings - policy that was implemented after a U.S. Department of Justice review in 2012, which has been lauded by the federal agency and other police departments.

This Aug. 2, 2005 file photo shows the Venetian Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

"We'll be fully transparent and we will look at this event with a very critical eye", Lombardo said.

Brown's mother, Trinita Farmer, said she doesn't want to see the video of the struggle that left her son dead.