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Wallie Morris: Protect individuals with pre-existing conditions

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Eleena Tovar | 19 May, 2017, 22:05

When there is an element of higher risk - and policyholders with pre-existing conditions increase the risk to the insurance provider - the insurance company is compensated for that risk in the form of higher rates.

"As a effect in high risk pools, insurance becomes far too expensive for those who need it", said Cheung, who represent hospitals, medical groups and physicians. "But on the other hand, they may be perceived as low need and a place where states think they can save a lot of money without sacrificing a lot in health".

How many people would this impact? Mike Lee, are considering significant cuts to Medicaid that would cause millions of people to lose coverage, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Alas, a motto does not provide a guideline for a new health care replacement plan.

Provisions in the Affordable Care Act, such as access to health insurance regardless of a pre-existing condition, expanded coverage of Medicaid, and funding for preventive health services for women, like those offered at Planned Parenthood, have contributed to more African Americans gaining health insurance coverage.

Consumers would be able to deduct the cost of their health insurance premiums from their taxes. A 60-year-old with the same income, meanwhile, would see premiums go up 46% from the Affordable Care Act to $7,430 after the $4,000 tax credit under the American Health Care Act. AHCA aims to decrease and modify premium tax credits by 2020, establish a patient and state stability fund, restructure Medicaid funding, and repeal numerous taxes that were put in place by the Affordable Care Act.

Simpson, who represents the 2nd Congressional District, including most of Boise and everything in Idaho to the east, said "there are no tweaks out there" to make the Affordable Care Act work.

The bill, which passed the House earlier this month, allows states to waive community rating in the individual insurance market.

She believes many states will want to keep essential benefits and pre-existing condition coverage, and opt against getting a waiver. I am considered a specialist but found myself discovering fractured vertebra, hands and feet as people showed up in my office rather than seeing their primary care physician, going to the emergency room or visiting urgent care centers.

Trump just gives to the like-minded greedy, corrupt and uncaring insurance companies.