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Young Sheldon: First Look promises heartwarming side to Big Bang Theory prequel

CBS plans big Thursday night with Bazanga! Get Ready for 'Young Sheldon' in 'Big Bang Theory' Spinoff
Tobias Pedroso | 19 May, 2017, 22:40

Iain Armitage stars as the titular boy genius (grown-up Sheldon Jim Parsons will be providing voiceover narration), who is a misfit growing up in the bible-thumping backwater (fictional) East Texas town of Medford. Starring Ian Armitage (Big Little Lies) and Zoe Perry (The Family), the latter who is the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who plays Sheldon's mother in The Big Bang Theory, it also has a much different feel than the traditional sitcom and shows the potential for heartfelt moments.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this show is that it ditches the three-camera set-up and laugh track of its parent series and goes full single-camera.

There has also been news that the pilot episode for the series will be directed by Iron Man'sJon Favreau, but looking at the IMDb listing, there hasn't been anyone listed as director yet.

"Young Sheldon" is a risky concept, as spinoffs don't always have great success, but the trailer looks like it's pretty decent.

Young Sheldon will explore the origins of Jim Parsons's Big Bang Theory character, Dr Sheldon Cooper.

But will a move like that actually encourage people who don't like The Big Bang Theory to give this show a chance? Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. High school is hard for everyone, but it's going to be even harder for a rules-loving nine-year-old who knows he's smarter than everyone around him and says whatever he's thinking. Lorre, Molaro, Parsons and Todd Spiewak will serve as executive producers of the series, from Chuck Lorre Productions, in association with Warner Bros.

The unlikely spinoff was met with mockery ahead of CBS's confirmed announcement in March, with online detractors facetiously labelling the project "Sheldon: The Wonder Years", but the trailer seems promising enough.