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Google release Android O version

Google opens Android Instant Apps SDK to all developers Assistant finally lets you type to ask questions on your phone
Eleena Tovar | 20 Мая, 2017, 10:58

It also comes as Google was expected to unveil more partnerships and initiatives in artificial intelligence at its developers conference in California.

A day after Google talked about the Android Go, and made millions of Android phone users who stick to a budget phone happy, at the Google I/O, the company has said that this is not a separate operating system like the way Android One was. In once example, Pichai demonstrated how Google Lens could be used on a smartphone to snap a picture of a WiFi password and then connect itself to the network automatically.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google Lens at the company's I/O Conference in Mountain View, CA May 17.

This week's show runs a little more than 15 minutes.

Tapping into all the information you share with it, Google Home will now flash when it has an update for you regarding your scheudle. From creating an internet browser to a social media outlet to using Google Glass for the Health system, Google always tries to make our lives better. "Speakers, toys, drink-mixing robots, whatever insane devices all of you think up", joked Assistant VP of Engineering Scott Huffmann with his audience of developers at the conference Wednesday.

Some 100 million Android devices now have Assistant on them. Since the announcement of Google's Photo App, Shutterfly stock has dropped as much as 4.8%. CNBC at night features a mix of new reality programming, CNBC's highly successful series produced exclusively for CNBC and a number of distinctive in-house documentaries.

Google has not officially announced the name of any third-party device maker that would launch smartphones tailor-made for Android Go platform, or indicated that it will launch its own hardware devices with Android Go.

Everyone that has compatible devices with Android O public beta can try it out to see its new features ahead of its official release later this summer. But for Google, it's far more important that people are using its apps and services wherever they are - Android, iOS, the desktop, or sitting in their living room.

Google is also using this same setup in Google Assistant to facilitate transactions, instead of Android Pay. Although, it is expected that Android Go phones could come some time after final release of the Android O, which is expected to be around October when Google launches new Pixel phones.