Lunes, 23 Abril, 2018

Perdue Weigh in on NAFTA Renegotiations

The National Potato Council applauds today's official US kick-off to renegotiate NAFTA The National Potato Council (NPC) applauds today's official US kick-off to renegotiate NAFTA
Eleena Tovar | 20 May, 2017, 12:23

In a brief letter to lawmakers, Robert Lighthizer, the newly confirmed United States trade representative, said the administration aimed to support better-paying jobs and economic growth through unspecified improvements to Nafta that would modernize the 23-year-old agreement.

"With this letter, we intend to notify not just Congress, but all our trading partners, that free and fair trade is the new standard for USA trade deals". "Since the signing of NAFTA, we have seen our manufacturing industry decimated, factories shuttered, and countless workers left jobless", Ross said. Though Mexico's traditional ruling party did lose a few presidential elections, the continued involution and deterioration of the Mexican political system since 2000 has put lie to the claim that NAFTA was going to spur meaningful democratization. Overall the trade deal's effects on the USA economy have been minimal, according to a report put out by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service in February.

UPA senior vice-president of public policy Robert Guenther said: "The fruit and vegetable industry is highly dependent on worldwide trade, both exports from the U.S. and imports from critical trading partners such as Mexico and Canada". "We are committed to working with the Canadian Government on this issue and will strongly represent the interests of the produce industry during any renegotiation process", said Lemaire.

Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray, speaking at a news conference with secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Washington, said the trade pact needed to be updated after almost 25 years.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Videgaray opened his remarks at the joint press conference addressing the elephant in the room before moving on to discuss the real subject of the talks. Insisting on ideas like that would make agreement hard to reach. The world has changed, we've learned a lot, and we can make it better. Since NAFTA went into effect January 1, 1994, US trade north and south of the borders has more than tripled, growing more rapidly than USA trade with the rest of the world. Trump has pledged to dramatically increase US oil and gas production, but Canadian supplies will likely remain an important American energy source for some time. "I think it does demonstrate a honest effort on the part of the President". "For years, politicians have called for the renegotiation of this agreement, but President Trump is the first to follow through with that promise".

"There is no question that Nafta has been tremendously successful", said Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Texas), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees trade.

Recently the Trump administration announced a mini-deal with China on trade - the first fruits of a larger effort to renegotiate the U.S.

But many Democrats say they will try to hold the administration to its promises on labor and environmental standards, a ban on currency manipulation and novel rules to bring back manufacturing jobs.

During the required consultation period, Lighthizer said he would consult with "Congress and American stakeholders to create an agreement that advances the interests of America's workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses", according to a statement.