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State Department Summons Turkish Ambassador After Bloody Brawl in DC

Turkey's President Erdogan delivers a statement to reporters alongside Trump after their meeting at the White House in Washington Turkey calls for ouster of top US envoy leading anti-IS coalition
Eleena Tovar | 20 May, 2017, 12:08

Turkey called Thursday for the removal of the USA diplomat coordinating the global coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, accusing him of backing Syrian Kurdish militia. His comments came after a group of protestors were thrashed right outside the residence of the ambassador in Washington DC.

Counter-protesters on the other side of the road waved Turkish flags before fighting broke out between the groups as police attempted to stop the violence.

"These are not just average people that did this beating".

The background of the two men arrested wasn't immediately clear. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in a Thursday interview on MSNBC.

"We are communicating our concern to the Turkish government in the strongest possible terms", Heather Nauert, a State Department spokesman, said in a statement Wednesday.

"We intend to assure that there is accountability for anyone involved in this assault", he said, adding that the police were working closely with the State Department and the Secret Service. They have raised concerns with the Turkish government "at the highest levels". "This is the United States of America", Sen. "It also alleged that the protesters were affiliated with the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party", or PKK, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by both the United States and Turkey, but a protest leader denied that claim.

Nine were hurt and two Kurdish protesters were arrested, police said on Wednesday.

"After all, they violated American laws in the United States of America, so you can not have that happen in the United States of America".

"The actions seen outside the Turkish Embassy yesterday in Washington, D.C. stand in contrast to the First Amendment rights and principles we work tirelessly to protect each and every day", the police statement said. "They stopped us for a few minutes ... but we still stayed and continued to protest Erdogan's tyrannical regime". The newspaper editorial team called them "thugs", and called for a stronger US response, including the dismissal of Embassy staff from the country. "There is no excuse for this kind of thuggish behavior", McCain said on his Twitter account. Foreign security guards kicking and stomping US protesters in the nation's capital did not sit well in Washington.

Erdogan was in town for a visit with President Donald Trump. His appearance at the Brookings Institution during the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit was marred when his security detail roughed up demonstrators and tried to eject "undesired" journalists.