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James Harden admits Carmelo Anthony would help Rockets 'tremendously'

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Montrelle Montesinos | 15 Julio, 2017, 23:21

It's almost as if he forgot he played for one of the NBA's most dysfunctional franchises. Although Houston and New York were never very close to agreeing on a deal, another season in New York for Carmelo seemed out of the question. But, ultimately, Harden said acquiring Anthony would be up to the Rockets brass.

"Today marks a culture change for our organization where we re-establish the pride, work ethic and responsibility that comes with playing for the Knicks and representing New York", Knicks Owner James Dolan said in a statement, presumably without irony.

As it happened, the injury-riddled Knicks stumbled along into March with a losing record and Dolan panicked.

"I let the front office deal with that", Harden said (via ESPN). "It's good to have fun like that". If they can get Carmelo Anthony too, then things might get interesting. His music-entrepreneur buddy Irving Azoff convinced him Phil Jackson and his magic triangle would be the panacea. The golf was excellent and Feng was outstanding, shooting a 6-under 66 in a tournament in which she has rarely played well in her 10 seasons as a professional in the United States.

"The Knicks have paused trade talks with Houston, reportedly because they hope Anthony - who possesses a no-trade clause - will accept a trade to a team he wants to join less than the Rockets". "I go out there and put the basketball in the hoop and handle my business".

This is a discussion that is going to expand past just the Rockets.

Three years and three months later, after the worst waste of $60 million in professional sports, Dolan has hit the rewind button. "Everybody from the Caribbean, we all have that rhythm born in us".

According to an executive of one the four teams involved in the proposed trade, all sides, including Anthony, are frustrated over reports that Knicks president Steve Mills is having second thoughts. The Knicks are looking to rebuild around young players and aren't interested in taking back long-term contracts such as Ryan Anderson's, who has more money and years left on his deal than Anthony. That led to Griffin pulling out of consideration for the job.