Miércoles, 20 Junio, 2018

Vettel will be first F1 driver to try shield

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Cris De Lacerda | 15 Julio, 2017, 20:38

Development work is still ongoing on the concept which, we'll agree, looks a lot better than its Halo and Aeroscreen predecessors which were trialed last year.

However, Vettel did not see an issue with the Shield in terms of the driver being able to get in and out of the car, with the device only extending slightly behind the start of the cockpit.

Sebastian Vettel complained that he felt dizzy and struggled to see properly after he became the first driver to test the "shield" protection screen yesterday. After the halo system had faced criticism, FIA proposed the 'Shield' to protect the drivers from flying debris. It's probably because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion, plus you get quite a bit of downwash down the straights pushing the helmet forwards.

Vettel admitted to minor visibility concerns when trialling the Halo at the British GP last year, yet he was also a vocal proponent of the cockpit protection device.

It is then expected to appear on several more occasions before the end of the season ahead of a decision on whether to introduce it for F1 2018.

"On Friday you don't run maximum performance".

"It was the plan to have the new engine here, so we're on plan". "We are up for better safety, but it's not up for us to come up with a solution or say we want this or this".