Miércoles, 18 Julio, 2018

Conditional release for jailed Utah man sought by Venezuelan prosecutor

Doctors march during an anti-government protest demanding that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro open a so-called humanitarian corridor for the delivery of medicine and food aid in Caracas Venezuela Monday With 95% of Basic Medicine Unavailable Venezuelans Take to the Streets AP
Cris De Lacerda | 16 Julio, 2017, 01:08

Some images, published by Twitter users, showed Perez -against who an arrest warrant and red alert requested by Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) have been issued, in an interview with the TVE Spanish channel in Altamira Square, place that is the center of violent demonstrations promoted by Venezuelan opposition, according to Radio Yvke.

Instead, the couple was arrested at the government housing complex on the outskirts of Caracas, accused of hiding an assault rifle and grenades at the apartment where they were living with Candelo's family.

Its campaign has found echo in the scarcities suffered by many Venezuelans.

Ms. Aveledo is one of dozens of volunteers across Canada helping to organize and encourage as many Venezuelans expats to vote in the plebiscite.

Ms. Sarfatti, a mother of two originally from Caracas who lives in Toronto, hopes Sunday's vote will also indicate to governments around the world that further political intervention is needed in her home country.

"It's the zero hour", Perez said as several masked youths looked on from behind.

The UN special rapporteur on freedom of assembly, Annalisa Ciampi, said she was deeply concerned at the pattern of violence by the police and National Guard, as well as reported attacks on voting centres by armed pro-government civilians.

But the Supreme Court responded with a ruling to dissolve parliament, stripping it of its powers and attempting to transfer them to the president, a move that brought international condemnation and helped trigger months of deadly protests.

Perez's colorful past has mesmerized Venezuelans.

In each of the votes, however, the other side is refusing to take part.

About 100 people have died and more than 1500 have been injured in the anti-government unrest, which started in April.

The United Nations on Friday urged Venezuela to not interfere with a major opposition protest planned this weekend against the government´s divisive plan to rewrite the constitution.

Maduro and his supporters say Sunday's referendum is illegitimate.

The government announced a 50 percent increase in the minimum wage for government employees July 1, the third increase this year, but it isn't nearly enough to keep up with inflation - estimated at 720 percent this year. It noted that the government, first under Chávez and continuing today, set up a low, parallel exchange rate for dollars for companies that import goods.

Even if a huge turnout led Maduro to resign, "we would be stuck with the vice president" through the end of Maduro's term in 2019. Authorities have suggested he was linked to a U.S. -backed conspiracy to oust President Nicolas Maduro. Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affairs June 28 expressed "its strongest solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and its leaders".

Venezuela's neighbors have received more and more people who are in increasingly desperate situations. "We'll be sure to post any updates we hear of!"