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Huge Sink Hole Swallows Homes And Street

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Manuel Armenta | 16 Julio, 2017, 03:43

Kevin Guthrie, assistant county administrator for public safety, said it is the largest sinkhole to open up in Pasco in at least 30 years. "It is not done". WFTS has confirmed the home was a remediated home.

"The hole itself now appears to be dormant", Mr Guthrie later told reporters in front of the sinkhole that remains full of water and debris. We'll update this post when more information is available. It was still growing Friday night, officials said, and slowly creeping toward a third home.

The county had investigated sinkhole activity beneath 21835 Ocean Pines Drive in 2012, according to Pasco spokesman Doug Tobin.

Boating at a nearby lake was suspended and those living between the sinkhole and the lake were evacuated. A boat in the backyard of 21825 Ocean Pines fell into the depression.

Professional geologists and geotechnical engineering consultants with professional geologists on staff can perform a variety of tests to attempt to locate buried cavities which might form sinkholes. Two homes have been completely destroyed.

He also warned residents of the surrounding area to ensure they have their most valuable items on hand should the evacuation need to be expanded.

"We're waiting to see what happens", Thalia said. Guthrie said crews will continue to monitor the area. Mother Nature is going to take what Mother Nature takes.”.

"It's an active sinkhole, so we don't know how big it's going to get yet", he explained. These tests include ground penetrating radar surveys, electrical resistivity tests, and boring's. You can learn more here.

For now, the hole is leaving residents of this Florida neighborhood on edge.

I found many of your other questions answered on the DEP's 'Frequently Asked Questions' page. They may also begin calling Pasco County customer service at 8 a.m. on Monday, by dialing 727-847-2411.