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'Other teams' complicated our Morata chase - Milan

REUTERS  Lucy Nicholson REUTERS Lucy Nicholson
Montrelle Montesinos | 17 Julio, 2017, 18:06

Real Madrid are also keen for Morata to join a team they do not necessarily feel could be a key competitor in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, ESPN FC's Mark Ogden has reported that United don't think Real Madrid have the funds to pay for De Gea right now.

The midfielder is desperate to see his colleague remain at Old Trafford as he believes De Gea actively wins United points throughout the course of the season.

It all started soon after the end of last season, when manager Antonio Conte texted leading forward Diego Costa to inform the Spain international he was no longer required.

"Clearly we are still thinking of doing something else in that position".

But the closing of the Chinese transfer window means that will now not happen, for now at least, much to the delight of some of Europe's leading clubs.

United playmaker Juan Mata also spoke from Los Angeles to Spanish radio show "Tiempo de Juego", and said it would be unlikely to see Morata and Lukaku both joining the club this summer.

It's believed the striker will earn between €10m to €12m with Milan.

"Last season everyone was saying it would be difficult for me to play Marcus - but he was one of the top in appearances for the team".

"He's already taller than when I arrived 13 months ago - he's three centimetres taller - and he put on some muscle but without any kind of specific work because his speed is his most important quality". However, the Red Devils ended their interest in the Spanish striker after they signed Romelu Lukaku.

Being pictured wearing an Atletico Madrid shirt is the strongest indicator yet, as if more evidence was needed, that Costa's heart belongs with his former club.