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SINKHOLE LATEST: Water testing, new victim fund

A 200ft wide, 50ft deep massive Florida sinkhole opens up, dramatically gulping two homes Florida sinkhole stops expanding after swallowing homes
Eleena Tovar | 17 Julio, 2017, 20:00

Officials are testing nine homes in the immediate area and 11 other homes at random.

A fund has been created to help victims of the sinkhole that swallowed two homes and created unsafe living conditions at five other homes in a Land O' Lakes neighborhood on Friday.

It's the largest sinkhole in three decades in the county, which has a history of sinkholes.

The Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Environmental Protection have information for consumers concerned about the quality of their well water here.

Heavy equipment will be brought in Wednesday to the neighborhood in Pasco County north of Tampa to clean up debris left over from the damage caused by the sinkhole.

"We don't know exactly where that safe edge is", said Kevin Gurthrie, assistant county administrator for public safety.

The most dramatic way, which is what Albergo said happened in Land O'Lakes last week, is when porous limestone gets eroded over time forming a hole, but a layer of clay and soil holds firm at the surface.

Remediation was also done on the second home in February 2012. When there is a lot of rain, it can saturate that clay and soil at the surface, making it so heavy that it collapses into the limestone hole. Occupants of two of the destroyed homes were renters and they didn't have renters' insurance "so the contents of the renters are not covered at all", Guthrie said. "We are going to be with you every step of the way".

Another option under discussion is having the county purchase the properties and then connecting the sinkhole area to a nearby lake.

Crews plan to encircle the stabilized sinkhole with a chain-link fence Monday. There is nothing the county can legally do if the homeowners want to rebuild on the site, as long as they follow code, Guthrie said.