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Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander putting team up for sale

James Harden with Rockets owner Les Alexander James Harden with Rockets owner Les Alexander
Montrelle Montesinos | 18 Julio, 2017, 12:59

Just as his team is mounting a defense to the Golden State Warriors with the acquisition of All-Star point guard Chris Paul, Houston Rockets majority owner Leslie Alexander has said he is selling the National Basketball Association franchise.

According to Brown, Alexander said owning a team "can wear on you after so many decades" and that he wants to focus on his philanthropy work and family. The Oak View Group honcho noted to the Seattle Times that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the league is several years away from expanding, so OVG is better served chasing an NHL team first. Brown said he has talked to James Harden, Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza. The Rockets are trying to trade for Carmelo Anthony, another high-priced star. "This came at press conference!" He also owned teams in the original Arena Football league named the Texas Terror and the Houston Thunderbears.

The Rockets are poised to be a team's top-three team next season, and they have a superstar (and MVP runner) locked up until 2023 after James Harden recently inked a new contract extension with the team.

According to, Leslie Alexander bought The Houston Rockets in 1993 for $85 million but the team is now valued at $1.65 billion.

Alexander has been thinking about selling the team for awhile and just made his decision on Monday.

This is a pivotal time for Houston, even with Harden locked up. One of them is the current Houston Texans owner, Bill McNair.

Until a new owner has been found, the future of many Rockets executives hangs in the balance. She is a Houston native and it's clear from her music that she is very loyal to her city. As TIME reported, she now owns her own production company, Parkwood Entertainment, and owns stakes in a sports drink business called WTRMLN WTR, which was sold at all of her concert venues and pop up shops during her last tour. "Let's be honest here, "' Leiweke told the Times.