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'I was very unlucky': Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen rues tyre failure at Silverstone

Failures caught Ferrari by surprise - Vettel Kimi Raikkonen: 'Unlucky situations keep following us'
Montrelle Montesinos | 18 Julio, 2017, 11:28

The Finn said the front left tyre of his car was behaving "more or less normally", before it suddenly delaminated and failed, costing him second place in the race. Raikkonen ended third, in a surprise recovery after both Vettel and Max Verstappen also needed to pit for repairs.

'It was odd that three different cars developed fatal blistering at the end.

Having been beaten to pole position by over 0.5s, Raikkonen was able to keep Lewis Hamilton within touching distance during the opening stint at Silverstone.

"What we can exclude is carcass failure on Kimi's tyre because the tyre was still inflated". The balance was all right.

Sebastian Vettel feels there is no need to panic, even after seeing his Formula One championship lead slashed to a single point last Sunday.

Sebastian Vettel insists nobody is to blame for Ferrari's late puncture nightmare at the British Grand Prix and says the result is far from a disaster for his title ambitions. So just as Hamilton took a five-place hit in Austria, so Bottas had to accept the same fate at Silverstone.

"We cannot say now that it was a problem of wear". "It was only a few laps to go. We are working together with the teams, because the data from the teams is an important part of the investigation and it's in the interest of everybody to better understand what happened".

Vettel made the move, Verstappen defended. "We pitted early so struggled with that".

Pirelli noted that Silverstone is one of the most demanding circuits of the year in terms of energy loads, with cars subjected to forces in excess of 5g.

You might think that these guys could take a change of compounds in their stride, given that they run the different tyres out the weekend, but we're talking about fine margins here. "I was very unlucky and, in a way, lucky, but didn't want to see the same happen to Seb and then a lap later".

He was then 9.5 seconds behind Hamilton, with some clear air ahead of him, but no immediate prospect of catching the Vettel/Verstappen battle. "At the time it felt okay".

Asked for his opinion, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said: "In high speed with a high load you are working the tyres very hard".