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Is Microsoft about to open up Xbox One X pre-orders — Rumor

Microsoft Launches Major Xbox One Update With Custom Gamerpics And Co-Streaming Microsoft Allows Personal Photos As Profile Pictures With Latest Xbox One Update
Ramiro Mantilla | 18 Julio, 2017, 05:50

Referred to as custom Gamerpics, the new Xbox One update allows users to upload a photo from their Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or a smartphone to be used as their profile picture instead of using Xbox Avatars or generic photos.

UK retailer GAME has posted an update on their website saying that Xbox One X Pre-Orders will be coming "soon" and many expect this to be within the next two months before Gamescom, especially with less than 4 months until release. All you need to do is open your friends list, scroll down to the player/s you want to broadcast with, select Invite, and then choose the 'Invite to Co-Stream' option. However, when asked about the possibility of delay, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer was quick to respond.

Also of note are updates for the Android and iOS Xbox apps that add Looking For Group Sharing, Game Pass Browsing, and updated Language/Location Setting. The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature is based on "software emulation" making these titles less candidate to stay in the feature.

Microsoft continues to expand the #Xbox One backwards compatibility feature after it added three new titles last week.

With new user-generated tournaments for Killer Instinct on Xbox One, it's never been easier to compete with friends.

In another attempt to personalise Xbox One controllers, players can now link a specific controller to an Xbox Live profile for "easy, automatic sign-in". First, go to the Club you'd like to create an Arena tournament for, and select the Tournaments tab. Subscription services are already at play with PS (ps now & plus) which I suspect will be further built on and Nintendo has already announced a subscription service for Switch. Furthermore, it's now possible to see who is streaming and instantly jump in to watch. More importantly, it will all come down to how much difference the CONSUMERS (not the manufacturers) feel there really is to the quality of their gaming experience (a combination of appealing visuals, speed, entertainment capabilities besides gaming etc.).

For our customers who set their phones to a different region or locale than their Xbox account, you can now easily set the app and store experience to match your Xbox and purchase content from the store in your console's region. In the Settings section, choose the "Language" tab at the top.