Lunes, 12 Noviembre, 2018

RFEF president Villar arrested as part of anti-corruption probe

Angel Maria Villar GETTY HIGH PROFILE Angel Maria Villar has been head of the Spanish FA for eight terms
Montrelle Montesinos | 18 Julio, 2017, 13:36

Police say they have arrested Spanish Football Federation president Angel Maria Villar, his son and three more federation executives as part of an anti-corruption probe.

Police said the five men were arrested on charges of improper management, misappropriation of funds, corruption and falsifying documents.

Spain's minister of education, culture and sport, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, told national television moments after the raids that "in Spain the laws are enforced, the laws are the same for all, and nobody, nobody is above the law".

According to El Pais, the arrests were made after allegations Villar used RFEF funds to secure the necessary support for his re-election from regional presidents earlier this year.

However, during that period in charge of UEFA he was fined an estimated £20,000 for failing to cooperate in the bidding process for World Cup 2018, which ultimately went to Russia.

They were detained as police raided offices belonging to the country's football federation in Madrid.

Ex-Athletic Bilbao player Villar founded Spain's players union (AFE) in 1978 before becoming RFEF chief in 1988.

Villar Sr.'s seven terms as RFEF president have brought regular allegations of a lack of transparency within the Spanish FA's finances and decision making processes.

He has also been appointed to top jobs at FIFA - including being named vice president in 2002.

His son, Gorka, worked for South American football body CONMEBOL as legal director and director general until July 2016.