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US imposes sanctions on eight more Venezuelan officials - Treasury

Venezuela Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro with Argentina's Diego Maradona
Eleena Tovar | 10 Августа, 2017, 09:38

Political and criminal violence is spreading like wildfire and the capital city, Caracas, has become one of the world's most violent.

Since the July 30 election there has only been one protest death, that of Progressive Advance (AP) local leader Ramon Rivas on Sunday.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / REUTERS Members of the National Constituent Assembly in Caracas, August 2017.

Paul Hare, a former British ambassador in Cuba and professor at Boston University, said other regional allies also "find it difficult to break with the Chavez legacy which gave them" cut-rate crude as part of the Petrocaribe 17-nation club.

The United States has ratcheted up the pressure on Venezuela.

He has defied international condemnation , including from the UK, America and the UN, and has presided over three-digit inflation and a shortage of food and medicine. President Trump threatened Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro with, "strong and swift economic actions" if he continued with his plan to rewrite the country's constitution.

"That's why we should be standing against the regime and for the values we hold", he said.

Two were killed and eight captured, but 10 who escaped were granted sanctuary on properties belonging to the Catholic church just 100 yards from the base, army commander Major General Jesus Suarez said on Tuesday.

The US imposed new sanctions on crisis-hit Venezuela, targeting members of a controversial, all-powerful, loyalist assembly installed last week to bolster what the US calls the "dictatorship" of President Nicolas Maduro.

The hackers' collective, calling itself The Binary Guardians, targeted the portals for the government, the supreme court and the legislature, among others. Maduro created the Presidential Commission, which is responsible for creating the main aspects of the formation and operation of the AC process.

The opposition sat out the election for delegates to the so-called constituyente and later accused the government of overstating results by millions of votes, a claim backed by the company that provides the government with voting machines.

"It is unclear who the perpetrators in the remaining deaths may be", it said. Even the Vatican has not been able to act as a mediator in building a dialogue between Maduro and the opposition, despite the country's 70 percent Catholic population.

Muchacho had not attended court hearings related to his case and location was unknown as of Tuesday afternoon.

Soldiers battled Sunday against a group of 20 men who made their way to a military base's weapons cache.

Non-intervention is a thorny issue given the legacy of United States in the region.