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Yamauchi: GT Sport won't have microtransactions

Gran Turismo Sport 85% of Gran Turismo Sport's Content is Offline-Focused
Eleena Tovar | 12 Agosto, 2017, 17:59

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that the upcoming GT Sport will not have microtransactions.

The trailer don't show a single second of gameplay (at least not of the new game, there are a few glimpses of the earlier games), but focuses on four of the winners of the GT Academy competition, who made the jump from gamers to professional racing drivers thanks to their determination and to Gran Turismo.

So far, known offline content for Gran Turismo Sport includes the Livery Editor, Scapes (photo mode), Arcade mode, and campaign. The game features a core offline single-player mode called Campaign.

To date, Gran Turismo Sport only has 140 vehicles, with Polyphony Digital stating that each car takes six man-months to create and model.

They're one of the worst business practices in the video game industry. However, more vehicles and race tracks will be added after the game's launch via online updates and DLC.

This certainly plays into Gran Turismo Sport's spirit as a competitive game, aiming to promote racecraft and a real sport mentality among its players, even providing FIA racing licenses in participating countries.

When GT Sport releases on October 18th, it'll be performing a pretty drastic handbrake turn on the subject of microtransactions.