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IPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus leak reveals all-glass body, wireless charging

Apple has been hard to convince to bring new color versions to the iPhone lineup. The iPhone 7 series Apple has been hard to convince to bring new color versions to the iPhone lineup. The iPhone 7 series
Eleena Tovar | 13 Agosto, 2017, 15:23

The reports about iPhone 8 have been making rounds in the media for quite some time but information regarding iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus have cropped up as recently as last month, suggesting that Apple might announce three iPhone models next month.

The Homepod firmware of Apple Inc had revealed the facial recognition software on the iPhone 8.

According to the sources, Wistron is expected to start shipping the new iPhone SE, which is expected to be more affordable than larger iPhones, in the first quarter of next year. The Apple will enjoy the 10 percent of exemption on basic customers duty.

While Android Wear smartphones are struggling to make a big impact, Apple remains the undisputed leader in the smartwatch market globally. They said to this iPhone SE screen size is between 4 and 4.2-inches. The iPhone 8 will most likely sport a lighting port and there will be no switch to USB Type-C. The latest rumor to upset the apple card?

Do you think the 'Copper Gold' hue is legitimate?

There are also mentions of a 'Freeze Motion' feature for both pet and baby scenes, although it isn't clear what this is.

[The facial recognition sensor's] speed and accuracy are focal points of the feature.

This also implies the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will keep the current Touch ID home button and bezels above and below the screen.

The smartphone may be unlocked even when it is at an odd angle to the owner's face.

Identified as "Peal ID", the new feature will probably shift Apple's biometric tendencies from thumbs to faces, allowing multiple purchases by simply scanning the user's face. Further reports claim to have confirmed the expected addition of wireless charging within this year's flagship handset. The infrared would scan the face and use heat to help create an image that can be used to unlock the device, authorize Apple Pay purchases, and access secure apps.

In between the endless rumours for the upcoming iPhone 8, new reports regarding the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models have emerged online which share design details.