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New update brings front flash to 'Google Camera' application

Google Pixel Google Camera version 4.4 update adds double-tap to zoom, new buttons (updated)
Eleena Tovar | 14 Agosto, 2017, 04:54

But rather than just rely on sheer luck during the night, some camera apps employ a screen flash to brighten things up a bit. Since most smartphones don't have a flash built in to the front-facing shooter, Google Camera mitigates this by adding a manila-toned slab right as your selfie is taken, which is supposed to help produce a little extra light in dimmer settings. Before this existed, you had to use the zoom bar.

But the Google Camera app just got a major update, including a much-wanted selfie flash.

It's not perfect, mind you.

Android users are often left wanting more when it comes to their phone's camera.

The new update also brings few more shortcut gestures, such as double tap to zoom, swipe to toggle between taking photos and shooting videos. XDA writer Adam Conway reported that he tested the revised app on an variety of devices - an LG G6, a OnePlus 3, a OnePlus 3T, a OnePlus 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 - and found some real improvements with the resulting images. Sadly, those numbers seem to be fixed and there's no way to customize that.

The latest update to Google's native camera app, which you can also download via the Play Store, now brings a minor but potentially useful update: selfie flash. While the latest version is now available outside of Android O preview, it requires at least Android version 7.1. This should be a lot quicker than swiping on the viewfinder like you used to have to do to switch between modes.