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What To Expect From Android O?

David Ruddock on Twitter: Android O To Eclipse Previous Launches With August 21 Release
Ramiro Mantilla | 14 Agosto, 2017, 03:04

This will be the shortest interval of time between any two versions Google rolled out in the past.

If you're asking for a "name" spoiler of the new Operating System, still not much is known about it. Ruddock mentioned in his series of tweets that the Android O will not have a "random name". Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat, now a year old, is installed on 13.5 percent of all Android devices, meaning that nearly nine of out of 10 Android devices are running an older version of the OS. And to make a memorable debut, the latest version of Android will be unveiled at the same date of the Solar Eclipse. Textra is making news today as the customization menu of the app might have exposed one of the biggest announcements of this year - the name of the Android O OS.

Shared with XDA, the developer B-S-G was able to modify the Google Camera app from the Pixel, which includes the HDR+ image processing software, and got it to work on any phone that uses a Snapdragon 820, 821, or 835 processor.

Google also recently launched the Android Things Console to provide the ability for over-the-air updates to IoT devices but DP5 needs to be manually triggered to grab the update. Autofill feature is now not limited to Google Chrome, as new updates will let the user Autofill forms inside an app. Picture-in-picture will be used more on video playback. However this name has been making rounds in hushed whispers. Another Google product called Google Play Protect will also be introduced. One of the new Google products is the Google Security which will help to secure the smartphone.