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Hurricane Harvey rages through southern Texas, and streets turn into rivers — Videos

Trumps in Texas: President, First Lady's Corpus Christi, Austin agenda Houston dam begins to overspill as Harvey triggers unprecedented impact
Eleena Tovar | 30 Agosto, 2017, 02:54

Population levels affect the number of jobs available and, ultimately, the level of economic activity.

School evacuations have already begun in New Orleans, which was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The reputations of the Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as the George W. Bush administration took a hit. This situation should be resolved once the storm actually starts moving way from where it has caused such a terrible disaster.

For some folks filling up at the B.P on 224 in Boardman, they say they've noticed an increase.

With just a 24-hour notice, at least 30 people showed up at the Red Cross of the Cascades headquarters in north Portland, to spend a day training to be disaster response volunteers. Nine people have died and many others were injured or are left stranded by the floods. The damage to homes, businesses and people won't be known for weeks, as more rain is expected through Wednesday or Thursday.

There's no doubt that the Houston economy will take a hit from Hurricane Harvey. Colorado State University atmospheric scientist Phil Klotzbach explained the storm was trapped between two high-pressure areas in the western and southeastern US, right next to the Gulf of Mexico, allowing it to pull energy and moisture from an exceptionally warm pocket of water. Areas of Southeast Texas have received about 40 inches of rain since the storm began.

He is expected to return to the White House tonight. The "Cajun Navy" from Louisiana came with boats that could move in shallow water.

Mr. Trump thanked Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas' two Republican senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

Presidents have long visited areas devastated by natural crises as shows of solidarity and support. "That's very intense for him but all we can do is wait", said his cousin Linda Rojas. Its history is littered with them. But that does not make this one any easier. Houston, stay strong we are with you. MORE (R) and John CornynJohn CornynLawmakers vow Harvey aid package, but there's no plan yet Trump: Texas will get 'every asset under my command' Will Congress exploit Hurricane Harvey to pass pork-barrel spending?