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Power outages expected across the Tampa Bay area — Hurricane Irma

Hurricane slams Cuba heads toward Florida National Hurricane Center says Irma is impacting all of South Florida
Eleena Tovar | 13 Setiembre, 2017, 16:02

About 43% of gas stations in Florida are dry, according to the crowdsourcing platform GasBuddy. Sergeant Joseph Ossman and Deputy Sheriff Julie Bridges stayed in the county despite mandatory evacuation orders. More than 80 percent of customers in the Keys are currently are without power.

As a radar app on his phone showed Irma passing by, he had seen little more than gusty winds.

After flying over the Keys on Monday, the governor described overturned mobile homes, washed-ashore boats and other damage.

And because the reverse surge means the coastline must be refilled before water inundates land, the resulting speed and effect of the surge is lessened, Luettich said.

Then a few strangers joined. The city also warned residents to be wary of snakes and alligators driven into the floodwaters.

"Many Americans respond to disasters by collecting food, clothing and household items for people in need".

People in the heavily populated Tampa-St.

But that doesn't mean Floridians should try to go back home.

It killed at least 26 people before leaving the Caribbean for Florida. "They can donate to disaster, text disaster at 2022", Mr Scott said.

- In Venice, Florida, the water plant was shut down after it was damaged by the storm.

"You can't survive these storm surges", Scott said. "I'll never leave again".

The Dutch government also is sending extra troops to maintain order following widespread looting and robberies. They are encouraging residents to stay inside because of downed power lines and debris. Less sturdy buildings lost roofs or had doors blown in.

As Irma neared, Mobley said he was worried about the old tree across the street.

Key West, barely four miles long and one mile wide, probably seemed even smaller than that on Sunday as it shuddered through its pummeling by a storm of historic size and power.

In his meeting with officials, Trump stressed that his top priorities are life-saving and life-sustaining efforts in affected areas, the White House said.

ZARROLI: Kemp says a lot of people fled to Georgia or South Carolina to escape the storm. "It's like being on a ship".

"It was heartbreaking", she adds.

"It's crazy. I mean, obviously, a hurricane just passed, so it's understandable", he said.

And Edwards' name suddenly started appearing in news media outlets including the BBC, The Telegraph and Newsweek.

"All our guests are our family members", she says. It's a rough hurricane, as you better than anybody.

Other people saw no humour in the idea as the eye of the deadly storm rumbled ever nearer to Florida, with some calling Edwards "stupid" and saying he could "get people killed". NPR's Connor Donevan viewed some of that damage in a Coast Guard flight and joins us now.


ZARROLI: The good news is that gasoline is coming back into the state.

DONEVAN: Right. We've heard that two stretches of that road have been washed out.

"We know how uncomfortable it is to be without power", Silagy said. "So, I hope everybody will pray for us", he said.

A Miami resident who took refuge in the glitzy Brickell neighborhood said he had seen a second crane collapse as the area flooded.

The island is known for its fondness of partying, its tolerance and its tightknit community. One even suggested using a flame-thrower to teach Irma a lesson. What did you hear from them?

CARLOS CURBELO: To just see everything kind of at a standstill and for Key West to be a ghost town, that was very striking for me.

This is the first year on record that the continental United States has had two Category 4 hurricane landfalls in the same year.

JOHN KILDUFF: But also, power is the issue.

That tally, lower than earlier forecasts of up to $50 billion in insured losses, helped spur a relief rally on Wall Street as fears eased that Irma would cut into U.S. economic growth.

DONEVAN: Thanks so much, Ari.