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Nearly 3 weeks into Rohingya crisis, aid remains scarce

Rohinya refugee in Bangladesh Image Some 400,000 Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh many of them children
Cris De Lacerda | 17 Setiembre, 2017, 09:10

"It is after all the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, Tomas Ojea Quintana, himself agreed with the observations of the report and said "the International State Crime Initiative arrives at a convincing conclusion" that a process of genocide against the Rohingya population is underway in Myanmar".

"The savage treatment meted out to our Muslim brothers ... shall not pass without punishment", the jihadist terror network said in a statement, according to SITE.

In a scathing new report released Thursday, the humanitarian group said Myanmar's security forces have engaged in an "orchestrated campaign of systematic burnings" of Rohingya villages across northern Rakhine State for almost three weeks.

"I call on the Myanmar authorities to suspend military action, end the violence, uphold the rule of law, and recognise the right of return of all those who had to leave the country", UN Secretary-General Guterres told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York.

District Deputy Commissioner Ali Hossain told the diplomats that refugees in large numbers started crossing into Bangladesh in the aftermath of attacks on security checkpoints in Myanmar by Rohingya insurgents on Aug. 25.

While "the true number of fires and extent of property destruction is likely to be much higher", Amnesty also says that satellite images form mixed ethnic areas show that non-Rohingya areas "appear to have been left untouched".

Bangladesh's foreign ministry summoned the charge d'affaires of Myanmar's embassy in Dhaka and warned the airspace violations could lead to "unwarranted consequences".

The Rohingya have faced repression since the 1970s, but more intensively since 2011, when the government transformed from a military administration to a civilian one.

"The humanitarian situation is catastrophic", said Mr Guterres.

Aid worker hands out food to Rohingyas
Image Aid organisation have struggled to cope with the sudden influx

The Rohingya are a minority group largely based in Rakhine.

After the statement, British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said it was the first time in nine years the council had agreed to a statement on Myanmar.

AFP correspondents have seen fighting break out among the refugees as food bags and water bottles were tossed from aid trucks near near the Kutupalong refugee camps.

ISCI discovered a leaked document apparently adopted by the Myanmar regime in 1988 which reveals the country's State Peace and Development Council's commitment to eliminating the Rohingya from Myanmar. In order for a country's survival, the survival of a race, or in defense of national sovereignty, crimes against humanity or in-human acts may justifiably be committed as Hitler and the Holocaust.

Many live in Rakhine in impoverished camps, and others spend periods in internally displaced people's settlements in other states after fleeing violence.

Fear also gripped the Muslim communities in Yangon and Mandalay, which were both affected by anti-Muslim violence in 2013, as rumors of possible attacks on Muslims emerged. The latest bout of violence erupted last month, following an attack on a police post.

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on Myanmar to take the Rohingya refugees back.

With pressure mounting on Suu Kyi to take action, her office said she had cancelled a trip to the upcoming UN General Assembly to deal with the crisis.