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New England with one eye on Jose, another on Maria

2nd hurricane forces retreat by FortisBC crews in Caribbean to help restore power Celebrities Respond To Hurricane Maria Devastation As 100 Percent Of Puerto Rico Left Without Power
Montrelle Montesinos | 24 Setiembre, 2017, 16:49

Threats of hurricane Maria forced the evacuation of FortisBC crews from Turks and Caicos this week, where they were working to restore power following hurricane Irma. It's still too early to tell what the extent of Hurricane Maria's damage will be. Maria is likely to far exceed that.

ALLEN: Former Governor Fortuno saw something like that in 2011 when Hurricane Irene, a Category 1 storm, hit the island.

The storm knocked out power to the entire island, and the executive director of emergency management on the island said telecommunications had "collapsed". It's just very overwhelming to try to grasp, you know, everything that's going on.

"We attempted to get into about six different flights, but all of them were booked", Rudisill said. But up until now, we don't have any casualties.

MERCADER: Yes, of course. "Other than that it really was OK", she said.

From there, it wandered off to Puerto Rico, knocking out power in the US territory and devastating an island undergoing a long recession. In the aftermath of the storms, the org is now also focused on recovery efforts. They'll need it as the recovery and cleanup slowly gets underway. You know, a couple of hours ago, the eye left the island. But it's the stimulus that we're going to have over the next few months.

FERNANDEZ: Well, the big problem that we're having has been a lake called Guajataca.

MERCADER: That's right. That's right.

MERCADER: The entire island, yeah, without electricity.

MERCADER:.And 70 percent without water.

CHANG: Before the storm, we heard on our program from Puerto Rico's governor that the power grid was extremely fragile. "They wanted to batten down anything that could be a projectile", Parker said. The couple had moved to Harrisburg earlier in the year.

"It was scary. But we are very, very thankful".

But their Dominican Republic vendors said not to worry. But after that, the situation could be catastrophic.

They were also working to take down compromised poles as a safety precaution to avoid them falling down during the pending storm.

- Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) September 20, 2017We are with you all the way, Puerto Rico.

FERNANDEZ: Thank you, guys.