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Heynckes will resume a coaching career and will return to Bayern

Kroos: Madrid move right for me Carlo Ancelotti to 'rest for 10 months' after Bayern Munich firing
Montrelle Montesinos | 05 Octubre, 2017, 19:47

The German champions have identified their man.


Alonso however, has been tipped to find a place on the German's coaching staff.

The club has not confirmed the report.

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With the team in disarray currently, an authoritative character who knows the club intimately is necessary, it said. Heynckes, on the other hand, has both.

He first took charge between 1987-1991, and had a caretaker spell in 2009, before his highly successful three-year term in 2011-2013 that culminated in the treble before his retirement.

In the past week, due to the poor games and tensions in the squad, the management of the Bavarian Grand sacked the mentor Carlo Ancelotti. That he worked with Arturo Vidal at Leverkusen and signed Martinez for Bayern himself back in 2012 only strengthens that case.

At times Bayern fans questioned the way Ancelotti played football.

"I wouldn't take it if I was Ancelotti".

The sacking of Carlo Ancelotti came in the form of a shocking surprise as his sudden departure was never on the cards.

Hoeness, the patriarch, will have had reservations about Tuchel's reputation for hot-headedness. Manuel Neuer, David Alaba, Jerome Boateng, Javier Martinez, Thomas Mueller, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery have experienced bright moments together with 1972 European champion. I have to think about it for now. The 30-year-old is under contract at Hoffenheim club until 2021. The wise old uncle is back to sort things out again. Revitalised after the announcement of the "New Messiah" for that summer, it appeared to give him an extra spark and motivation to banish that unwanted treble nightmare.