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LG and Apple may partner to make foldable displays for the iPhone

Apple teams up with LG Display for foldable iPhone Apple working with LG on foldable iPhone, claims report
Manuel Armenta | 12 Octubre, 2017, 20:31

However, let's not forget that we've been hearing rumors of foldable phones for quite some time, and there's no sign that one will be ready for consumers any time soon, let alone only three years from now.

That's the word from anonymous supply chain sources in South Korea, which say that LG has set up a special team to work on the display for Apple.

Samsung is expected to launch its first commercial foldable phone next year, after trailing two phones in 2016 under the Project Valley name. It is in the E6 that LG may manufacture the foldable display panels for Apple. Apple usually starts working out the components and prototypes a year before the actual product is developed.

We can expect this foldable display to be an OLED panel.

Apple also quietly patented a foldable iPhone concept, filing on August 28, last year - detailing a device which uses 'carbon nanotubes' to allow the screen to fold while still working. He said that he had created the Apple Watch so that people could get immediate notifications on there and leave their phone for less time sensitive uses, for instance - something that he said had stopped him incessently checking his emails, and misusing his phone.

LG's first OLED panels will be used in devices for its own LG Electronics division and a few Chinese handset makers.

Previous reports suggested that both Samsung and LG are planning to launch devices which 'unfold' into larger screens - allowing users to keep a tablet-style device in a pocket, according to the Korea Herald. It is so because LG has recently started manufacturing OLED panels at their E5 plant in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province. However, the iPhone maker has apparently not finalized an agreement for that yet.