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Burlington County is part of supply drive to help Puerto Rico

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Manuel Armenta | 13 Octubre, 2017, 04:23

President Donald Trump might be striking out with hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, but this former Yankee isn't.

The president's tweets set off a flurry of chatter online, given that the U.S. territory is barely entering its third week with the majority of the population still without power and one-third without water.

Trump has been complaining about Puerto Rico's debt and infrastructure issues since the hurricanes made landfall and has claimed the mayor of San Juan has poor leadership skills.

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"My argument to him was, I have some ideas, but there are people who have even more, better ones, because they live or lived in Puerto Rico, they understand its politics, its economics, its pre-existing challenges and its long-term opportunities", he said.

"It's our business to make sure every child that needs an education is provided with adequate education", says Lissette Colon, a human resource recruiter. When NPR's Tom Gjelten asked about Trump's latest tweets, a spokesman said the governor has spoken with the White House asking for "clarification".

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he would be traveling to Puerto Rico on Friday as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation to assess the damage.

The agency is also still spending millions of dollars this year on recovery plans in the wake of Hurricanes Gustav in Louisiana and Ike in Texas from 2008.

Trump said earlier Thursday on Twitter that Puerto Rico has a "total lack of accountability" and "electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes".

"The emergency relief is one thing", said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucu, who voted no along with 68 other Republicans.

"'Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making.' says Sharyl Attkisson", he wrote, citing the host of a public affairs show on Sinclair Broadcast Group television stations. He has promised that the island will get what it needs.

"We have gone all out for Puerto Rico", Trump said at that meeting with Puerto Rico officials, including Cruz.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined the criticism, tweeting: "It's truly sad to see @POTUS dismiss the suffering of Americans in #PuertoRico & #USVI".

The Federal Emergency Management Agency can (and does) stay involved in disaster relief for years after major catastrophes. "Congress to decide how much to spend", he added.

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