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Maduro's popularity increases, opposition expected to make gains in regional elections — Venezuela

A protester in Venezuela this year A protester in Venezuela this year
Eleena Tovar | 13 Octubre, 2017, 23:40

As the country spirals further into economic calamity, the election is likely to be scrutinized as an indicator of both how much support President Nicolas Maduro maintains and whether the opposition is still able to mobilize disenchanted supporters.

There contenders include 23 main candidates each for the socialist party and the opposition.

The opposition has received information that the government intends to annul Borges's passport to stop him from flying to Russia, said Alejandro Martinez Ubieda, who's already in St. Petersburg as secretary of the Venezuelan delegation at the forum.

"We're confronting rogue regimes and we are challenging the communist dictatorship of Cuba and the socialist oppression of Venezuela", Trump told a conservative political conference this week. One is under home detention in Venezuela. "We are not avoiding these contacts".

A longtime government loyalist, Ortega has become one of Maduro's fiercest critics after breaking with his government in late March.

Tania D'Amelio, a rector with the National Electoral Council, or CNE, said the relocations were due to security reasons. The special presidential election was convened shortly after the death of Hugo Chavez and Maduro was running a tight race with opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, estimated at around 302 billion barrels, but its petrodollar-dependent economy has been hit hard by declining oil prices.

Meanwhile, Felix Velasquez, an adviser for the National Constituent Assembly, has speculated that the government will win thirteen state governorships in the upcoming elections and that abstention will be high.

Saab said that they are also processing a red alert for the capture of Germán Ferrer, the husband of the dissident attorney general. "It's an inescapable requirement". This time it is expected to have representatives on hand to compare paper printouts with national tallies.

The electoral council plans to use the Smartmatic software it employed during a 2015 election in which the opposition won a congressional majority.

The decision to seek dialogue with the Kremlin shows a "pragmatic" approach by Maduro's opponents as they seek to outmaneuver the Venezuelan leader, said Dmitry Rozental, an expert at the Institute for Latin American Studies in Moscow.

Whoever takes office will have a full slate of problems to tackle and no easy solutions. GDP is projected to contract 7.4 percent this year.

Many worry the crisis will only grow worse.

In August the United States announced new sanctions against Venezuela, prohibiting U.S. banks from issuing new credit to the government or state oil company PDVSA.

"He knew about our business and the size of our operations". Smilde and others say the constitutional assembly could take actions to thwart them, like declaring certain political parties illegal.

Since the disputed July vote, a rising number of foreign leaders have begun calling Venezuela a dictatorship. A transparent vote Sunday without any electoral snafus might call that into question.