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Google Removes UC Browser From Google Play

[Download Apk] Play Music v8.5 with bigger adaptive icons, becomes smaller by 2 MB Planned Accessibility Service app removals likely due to 'toast overlay' attack
Eleena Tovar | 15 Noviembre, 2017, 03:08

One of the more popular apps possibly affected by this is Last Pass and today they have responded with a "all is well" comment.

We've had app shortcuts for a while now. The intended goal is to trick users into installing malware and other nefarious payloads to permit auto-updating.

There weren't that many browsers when Google released the first version of Android OS. However, the Official UC Browser Mini is still there and can be downloaded.

We're not sure at this point what might have really led to this and whether it is the developers themselves who took it down or if it is Google which did so. Hopefully Google release this solution before they begin pulling apps requiring Accessibility Services from the Play Store.