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Microsoft's Surface Book 2 will drain battery while plugged in when gaming

Surface Book 2 Battery Microsoft confirms Surface Book 2's power problem
Eleena Tovar | 23 Noviembre, 2017, 16:54

It would be particularly interesting to see how the larger Surface Book 2 performs under heavy load compared with the smaller variant with a GTX 1050.

It is worth noting that the battery consumption often happens on the Surface Book 2 when the system uses the available Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics for a long time. If the intense demands of a modern game cause the battery to slowly drain down, it's hard to recommend the Surface Book 2 as a complete and well-rounded device. It will never, however fully drain the battery.

While most reviews of the Surface Book 2 peg it as a powerful, competent, and versatile 2-in-1, some noticed issues with its battery life, especially when it comes to gaming. If you divide out the numbers, that means it's actually 12.5 inches wide and it's exactly 12.50, which is kind of nice, so the numbers round out to be quite beautiful.

Sliding to the Best Performance option setting, users will find a distant difference in the GPU clock and increase in the fan speed and audio volume which effects the battery to drain faster than normal since Microsoft has provided a 102 watts charger with the Surface Book 2 which would seem inefficient to charge the laptop at full performance. However, these power settings are not advised if the user wants to utilize the capabilities of the Surface Book 2 GPU.

After the battery drain issue was reported, the Redmond Giant has confirmed the battery drain in circumstances which belonged to prolonged gaming with Power Mode slider set to "Best performance". However, in some cases, the device's battery may not be able to keep up. We've reached out to Microsoft for more information. At $4,200 at the top-end, it's getting hard to justify going with Apple, when the excellent hybrid from Microsoft is right there.

The amount of drain varies between games, screen resolution, and maximum load on the GPU.

Ars Technica goes into more detail on the Surface Book 2's power configuration and theorizes Microsoft chose to maintain backwards compatibility with the Surface Connect port and Surface Dock rather than redesigning its own hardware. Destiny 2 will drain the laptop's battery by 10 percent an hour, even when plugged into a wall, so don't expect to get much intensive gaming done with this machine.

"All of our displays are custom to our spec. A lot of engineering on the Microsoft side goes into the display, the mechanical integration, the backlight design, pixel layout, formats, even what liquid crystals are used, even sometimes we'll go into transistor structures if we need to change that".