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FBI Director Defends Agents Against Dubious Trump Attacks

FBI director defends agency after Trump attacks: It's an 'honor to represent you' Director Defends FBI After Trump Says Bureau Is in 'Tatters'
Tobias Pedroso | 07 Diciembre, 2017, 01:18

President Donald J. Trump called out the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for investigating the links between his presidential campaign last year to the Russians. Taken alone, it might not count for much, and one might think that the two men should simply stand on principle, stand up to the President openly and be fired.

Critics believe that President Trump obstructed justice since he admitted knowledge that Flynn lied to the FBI by pushing them to drop the investigations against his former national security adviser.

The furor over the president's tweets highlighted the complexity of the obstruction accusations.

In an extraordinary attack Sunday, Trump tweeted that the FBI had a reputation "in tatters - worst in history".

Responding to the president's unfunded and dubious claims on Twitter that the FBI's standing was "the worst in History", Wray sent an email to the bureau's 35,000 agents and support staff and said he is "inspired by example after example of professionalism and dedication to justice demonstrated around the bureau". 'It is truly an honor to represent you'.

The president's renewed drumbeat against the investigation came after the revelation on Friday that Mr. Flynn had accepted a plea deal and agreed to cooperate with Mr. Mueller's investigation.

FBI Director Christopher Wray delivers remarks during his installation ceremony at FBI headquarters on September 28. "I feel very badly". It's been to the public trough on the encryption issue since way back in 2009, when it received $9 million for its nascent "Going Dark" program.

Trump fired Comey, he told NBC's Lester Holt, because of the Russia investigation. After being interviewed by the F.B.I., she was not charged.

"Because of the importance of our mission, we are also entrusted with great power, and we should expect - and welcome - people asking tough questions about how we use that power", Chris Wray wrote in the internal message, obtained by CNN.

Though he did not reference Trump's tweet directly in his message to FBI staff, Wray wrote: "We find ourselves under the microscope each and every day - and rightfully so". Wray urged the FBI to "continue to keep focused on our critical mission", and concluded: "Keep calm and tackle hard".

Indeed, Trump certainly senses this, even if he does not fully understand it-his attacks on law enforcement invariably help him by making Mueller's and Rosenstein's and Wray's jobs in connection with the investigation harder and more political.