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Media Ignoring Evidence in Claiming Trump Tweet Shows Obstruction — Fake News

Trump says he never asked Comey to stop Flynn probe Russia-Trump: President criticised for attacking FBI
Eleena Tovar | 07 Diciembre, 2017, 06:08

(We note that the president denies pressuring Comey and that the FBI investigation was never dropped.) Thus, if Trump knew that Flynn had lied to the FBI, he was asking Comey to drop a case against someone he knew had committed a crime.

In another email wrinkle in the investigation into Trump's ties to Russia, The New York Times reported Saturday that emails among top Trump transition officials suggested that Flynn was in close contact with other senior members of the transition team before and after he spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It says Flynn falsely claimed that he had not asked Kislyak on Dec. 29 "to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the U.S. had imposed against Russia", and that he didn't recall Kislyak telling him Russia had decided to moderate its response as a result of his request.

John Dowd, the president's personal attorney, acknowledges that he composed the tweet and sent it to Dan Scavino, the White House social-media director, for posting. Both the magnitude of the sanctions and the public condemnation by the president was intended to send as sharp a rebuke as possible to Russia's attack on our democracy. Wray did send a message to the staff yesterday-not mentioning the president-saying he is "inspired by example after example of professionalism and dedication to justice demonstrated around the bureau". He has pled guilty to those lies.

I know firsthand from my experience working counterintelligence investigations for the FBI that kicking a diplomat out of the country is no small thing. Of the cases I was involved with, the only time a PNG was approved was when allowing the spy to remain would have resulted in actual physical harm to a U.S. person.

FBI Director James Comey, in his testimony to the House Oversight Committee in July 2016, said, "We have no basis to conclude that she lied to the FBI".

Republicans currently control the House and Trump allies reportedly worry a Democratic 2018 midterm sweep will lead to articles of impeachment. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday it was "absurd" to suggest that the phone conversation could have influenced Putin's decision and added that "such requests couldn't have been passed on" to him.

"They always choose the more sinister explanation for anything involving Trump", said Noyes.

Trump questioned the direction of the federal law enforcement agency and wrote that after Comey, whom Trump fired in May, the FBI's reputation is "in Tatters - worst in History!"

"Well, I feel badly for General Flynn". The calls were about two distinct events: a controversial vote at the United Nations and President Barack Obama's decision to punish Russia for meddling in the 2016 US election.

Dershowitz, a Harvard scholar, told Fox and Friends: "For obstruction of justice by the President, you need clearly illegal acts".

"There's been absolutely no collusion", Trump said over the weekend of a probe he has denounced on multiple occasions as a "political witch hunt".

Court documents unsealed on Friday reveal that Flynn's guilty plea stems from a handful of false statements he made to FBI investigators when he was interviewed in late January 2017. He vowed to "bring it back to greatness".

"Mr. McGahn asked me how he did [in an interview with agents] and I declined to give him an answer to that", she testified.

Trump called it "unfair" the FBI would "ruin Flynn's life" when he admitted his own lines.

Pence, who served as head of Trump's transition, has not publicly commented on Flynn's plea.