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Satellite shows aftermath of alleged Israeli strike on Iranian base in Syria

US senior official estimates 80% of Assad fighting force is Iranian sourced Satellite shows aftermath of alleged Israeli strike on Iranian base in Syria
Eleena Tovar | 07 Diciembre, 2017, 00:47

On Tuesday, Syrian news reports said that the Israeli airstrike was aimed at the Jamarya military facility and research center, which reportedly has developed missiles, rockets and nonconventional weapons. Syrian media reported that three of the Israeli missiles were shot down by air defenses.

On Saturday, Syrian media reported that Israel struck an Iranian base near the town of al-Kiswah, 15 kilometers southwest of the Syrian capital, with five missiles.

War monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, from its sources, said planes believed to be Israeli had fired missiles into the Jamraya area.

It is, however, an odd claim, as Israel possesses several other missile systems that are more suited to the range required for such a strike, for instance, the LORA.

"Our air defenses are confronting an Israeli missile attack on one of our sites in the Damascus suburbs and three of the targets were downed", state news agency SANA reported.

Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that Tel Aviv is free to act in Syria for the sake of its security, while Damascus regards any foreign states' military actions in the country without Damascus' "aggression".

The construction of the alleged Iranian base was first reported by the BBC last month, citing a Western intelligence official. Israel occupied the Golan Heights during the 1967 Six-Day War with Syria, with the international community refusing the recognize Israel's annexation of the territory.

"The fact that we were trying to accommodate Iran has empowered Iran across the globe, and when president says he inherited a mess that is in greater Middle East, we have to address growing Iranian capability, and their use of militias, proxies and terrorist organisation".

Last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel will not be bound by the deal, which would somewhat distance Iranian proxies from the border with Israel. "We'll find out in the months ahead, particularly as ISIL melts away and Tehran seeks to fill the void in Iraq and Syria". "But I think it's higher than people think". Another witness reported thick smoke rising over the area.