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Disney doubling down on streaming services with Fox deal

Has The Simpsons predicted the future yet AGAIN? Episode from 1998 features Disney buying 20th Century Fox The Simpsons predicted the Disney-Fox merger in the 90s
Manuel Armenta | 15 Diciembre, 2017, 09:09

Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox's assets means that the company will own a portion of BOOM!

The uncanny prediction occurred in Bart To The Future, an episode revealing how the lives of its central characters could turn out. At the dinner party he'd attended-since his marriage to Wendi Deng, he's become an unlikely fixture at fashionable tables-he heard that a seniormost Hillary Clinton operative was a partner in an online porn company.

And ISPs have greater incentive to merge with media companies so they can reap profit from the content that travels on their networks.

But the perfect nostalgia-soaked opportunity to restore it is coming up.

With the addition of Sky, Disney would expand its international reach, as the pay-TV service reaches nearly 23 million households in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

What Disney will ultimately decide to do with its new minority stake in the publisher is yet to be seen. It's an often-remarked trait of Murdoch's: His love for chasing stories and consulting with editors about the next bombshell.

The deal brings to a close more than half a century of expansion by Murdoch, 86, who turned a single Australian newspaper he inherited from his father at the age of 21 into one of the world's most important global news and film conglomerates. After all, that sounds like just the sort of thing to attract early adopters (read: geeks) to its streaming platform.

Hours after it was announced Thursday that 21st Century Fox was selling numerous assets to Disney in a deal valued at more than $52 billion, Rupert Murdoch sat down for an interview with Sky News to talk about the deal and other topics, including the multiple sexual misconduct claims that have been made against Fox News figures over the past few years, including former CEO Roger Ailes and former host Bill O'Reilly.

The Disney-branded streaming service that's set to launch in 2019 would be aimed at families, with Disney's Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm brands at the center. Fox is hanging on to its news and business news divisions, broadcast network and Fox Sports.

It later referenced his real-life run for the presidency again last year in a short clip called Trumptastic Voyage - though by this stage his candidacy was more commonly expected.

Multiple outlets report it could take as long as 18 months to gain all the necessary approvals for the acquisition.

Rupert Murdoch has ostensibly already handed the reins over to a new generation at Fox. Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige previously said that any Namor film would have to include Marvel Studios but that the film rights are owned by other parties including Universal (which optioned the character in 2001). "We've already worked with James Cameron to span the storytelling into a spectacular new land called Pandora: The World of Avatar, which opened in Orlando earlier this year, and we're very excited to continue that relationship, especially related to the series of Avatar films he's currently working on", the executive said.