Jueves, 20 Setiembre, 2018

Meltdown and Spectre fixes may notably reduce performance — Microsoft

Microsoft: Meltdown and Spectre fixes may notably reduce performance Intel Creates New Internal Cybersecurity Group
Eleena Tovar | 12 Enero, 2018, 21:55

While the full extent of devices affected by the flaws is not yet fully known, Cisco Systems has said it has identified 18 vulnerable products and is looking for problems in nearly 30 other products, including switches and routers.

Intel has said that it will patch "90 per cent" of affected processors made in the past five years by the end of this week, with the remaining 10 per cent to see fixes by the end of the month. It informs users of the Linux distribution about the recently discovered security issues in modern processors called Meltdown and Spectre, and how these affect Linux Mint.

The security patches unveiled by Nvidia relate to software drivers that let its chips work with operating systems like Windows.

However, Forbes had some independent tests carried out by security researcher Thomas Roth and found that while the average PC user might be in the clear, larger corporates with heavy workloads on their servers could witness a "significant impact". Myerson said some customers will notice that their PCs' performance has changed.

AMD will make optional microcode updates available to our customers and partners for Ryzen and EPYC processors starting this week.

"This set of vulnerabilities was perhaps the most challenging and hardest to fix in a decade", Google executive Ben Treynor Sloss said in a blog post.

It must be a relief to all the people that have bought an Nvidia graphics card that they will see no performance degradation what so ever.

"Security is job number one for Intel and our industry".

Only Windows 10 users with machines with newer chips (2016-era PCs with Skylake, Kabylake or newer CPU) won't witness a noticeable slowdown.

And the news gets worse the older the machine. Sadly, I am running a fourth-generation CPU which is Haswell microarchitecture, and therefore I am tempted to discover the performance drop.

Windows Server on any silicon, especially in any IO-intensive application, shows a more significant performance impact when you enable the mitigations to isolate untrusted code within a Windows Server instance. Experts say that there is a slim chance that the security fixes may be affecting performance.

Last week, AMD claimed the exploits barely impacted its processors.