Jueves, 18 Octubre, 2018

Donald Trump Calls Himself Genius, Defends His 'Mental Stability'

GettyImages-887989338 Trump Lashes Out at Media Book Frenzy; Author Stands by 'Absolutely Everything'
Eleena Tovar | 13 Enero, 2018, 14:39

"Suddenly everywhere people are going, 'Oh my God, it's true, he has no clothes.' That's the background to the perception and the understanding that will finally end ... this presidency". Not only is he helping me sell books, but he's helping me prove the point of the book. The book also quotes former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was earlier fired by Trump. But Bannon has not retracted his statements, leading to a dramatic rift with both Trump, and Bannon's financial backers.

President Trump shook the internet awake with his early morning proclamations of mental stability and genius.

On Thursday Rebekah Mercer issued a statement distancing her family from Bannon. "The need for immediate gratification".

Lawyers for Mr Trump had called on the book's publisher, Henry Holt & Co, to halt the book's release, originally scheduled for Tuesday.

That makes me very happy.

"When you write a book like this, people regret what they said to me", Wolff said in an NPR interview that aired Friday. "That's why Sloppy Steve is now looking for a job".

The new fissure in an already fractious Republican Party cast doubt on Bannon's hopes to foment a movement centred on 'Trumpism without Trump'.

Trump's tweets came in the wake of a new book titled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, and his "nuclear button" comment on North Korea this week, following which political opponents raised questions over his mental stability and fitness.

Sanders said Wolff never interviewed the President. "We receive a lot of phone calls". He said whether he "realized it was an interview or not, I don't know, but it was certainly not off the record". "I absolutely spoke to the President".

Wolff also describes that on the day of Trump's inauguration last year, the billionaire "was angry that A-level stars had snubbed the event", adding he was "visibly fighting with his wife, who seemed on the verge of tears".

Wolff says the book is mostly based on talks with people who have worked closely with the president.

The reaction was less frenetic in New York, Mr Trump's old home base. In one passage, Bannon describes a meeting between a Russian lawyer and top Trump campaign aides - including Trump's own son and son-in-law - as "treasonous" and "unpatriotic". "It's all about him", Wolff told NBC's "Today" show.

Rebekah Mercer and her father, billionaire hedge fund founder Robert Mercer, installed Bannon on Breitbart's company board in 2011 after investing $10 million in the media startup.