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Jeremy Pruitt to Receive Huge Bonus for Winning National Title

Alabama Crimson Tide players celebrated after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs Erik LESSER EPA Shutterstock Alabama Crimson Tide players celebrated after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs
Montrelle Montesinos | 13 Enero, 2018, 11:49

The Crimson Tide had a chance to win it at the end of regulation, but Andy Pappanastos pulled a 36-yard field goal try wide left as time expired. It's unknown if Tagovailoa is still considering that or whether Monday night's benching could lead Hurts to transfer instead.

Of course this play from Hurts is going to be included.

Not surprisingly, Alabama found itself atop the final Associated Press college football poll of the season.

The reception in Atlanta was not so warm.

In all frankness, I was pulling for the Bulldogs, but mostly for an entertaining game, which we all got.

One play doesn't decide the outcome of a game.

Georgia freshman Jake Fromm had his own struggles, throwing an interception on the Bulldogs' opening drive to go along with completing 48 percent of his passes Alabama could not seem to capitalize off Fromm's struggles in the first half, resulting in a 13-point deficit heading into the locker room.

Yesterday we gave our predictions on the big game, and while, we were pretty spot on.

However, Alabama running back Bo Scarborough claims that's exactly what 's happening to him.

"He's destined for stuff like this".

"This is a dream come true". Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, who went to the same high school as Tagovailoa, recognized his efforts, calling him a stud and saying he was proud of the young quarterback. It looked rosy for Georgia as Alabama faced second-and-26.

Nick Saban, Alabama's legendary coach, recorded his sixth national championship (his fifth with Alabama) on Monday night. He's got confidence in his arm.

College football's most controversial coach isn't going away any time soon. "I bet he's just kicking them like crazy in practice but then everything gets to his head".

This team won despite losing four first-round draft picks and seven defensive players who were picked within the first four rounds.

You see, this was supposed to be the night when Saban finally suffered defeat at the hands of the very monster he hath created, the assembly line of coaches who learned at his right hand, departing one after the other for head-coaching jobs.

Yes, Alabama's vaunted defense was bailed out by five freshmen playing on the other side of the ball.

The two University of Alabama icons had already shared a championship chat after Saban reached out in the wake of Thomas's August PGA Championship victory.

Baker Mayfield is gone.

So is a website that specializes in computer simulation for college football and basketball.

Georgia will lose some important pieces from a 13-2 team that was floored by the 26-23 loss to Alabama in the national title game but those players will leave with memories of winning the SEC for the first time since 2005, making the program's debut in the College Football Playoff and beating Oklahoma in double overtime in the Rose Bowl.

You've had at least a day to process what you never expected to see.

Too much importance is assigned to conference bowl records. Don't change because of a little adversity. Every one of his recruiting classes at Bama have won a national title.

All I can say is follow your dreams, keep working for what you want because we're built for this, that's all I can say. A small blue ribbon panel elected the Crimson Tide to make the College Football Playoff as a No. 4 seed.