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Bannon quits Breitbart News amid Trump book furor

Michael Wolff of The Hollywood Reporter speaks at the Newseum in Washington Michael Wolff of The Hollywood Reporter speaks at the Newseum in Washington
Eleena Tovar | 14 Enero, 2018, 08:19

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Stephen Bannon's ouster from Breitbart News has renewed hope among some of the website's former staffers who contend that Bannon betrayed Andrew Breitbart's vision by chasing influence in national politics. During his time in the West Wing as Mr Trump's chief strategist, Mr Bannon promoted himself as a threatening force. "Everyone's on the same page". There are a couple of reasons why. "From an optics standpoint, it works very well".

"Trump's private schedule, which was obtained by Axios, showed 'executive time' listed from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m., when he was 'in his residence, watching TV, making phone calls and tweeting.' He also had 'executive time' periods scheduled throughout each day". Was he unstable when he passed the tax reform? Was he unstable when we finally put North Korea on notice? Wolff noted that an unfit president can be removed from office under the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He didn't become the president by accident.

Wolff's Fire and Fury has incensed Trump and his team but delighted booksellers as buyers line up to purchase copies.

"Any notion it's okay to encourage people to download infringing copies of an entire book that they are free to buy is just wrong", Zimmerman said. And he helped instill the discipline and focus that allowed Trump to narrowly prevail in the three Midwestern states that gave him victory in the Electoral College. The memo, titled "Pundit Prep", urged Trump's defenders to first focus on "jobs, jobs, jobs", and also offered tips on discrediting Wolff and his tome. Moore lost the race to a Democrat, Doug Jones, in a state that for decades has been staunchly Republican. And that's what he went into this White House to do. Wolff told CBS News earlier Monday he did not speak with Trump Cabinet members or Vice President Mike Pence.

"It's not mental instability", Barrack added. "The 25th Amendment is a concept that is alive every day at the White House", Wolff said. "He asks tough questions, and expects solid answers".

Do you have plans to read Fire and Fury? "It's like street smarts".

"This is the reaction of people not in charge", he said. And forecasters warn that more rain is coming.

Obviously this postmodern interruption of journalism caused Tur to raise her eyebrows at the claim, but Wolff continued on this chain of thought. Miller trashed Wolff as "a garbage author of a garbage book". Today, Isaac Asimov would likely choose different words than actor Samuel L. Jackson, but it is safe to assume he would second the message: Wake the fuck up. The question now is how America reacts.

Balganesh said WikiLeaks' tweet, which says that the book was leaked "onto internet", would suggest that a third party possibly published the text online and WikiLeaks shared the link.

Afterward, Miller was delighted. Anyone who clicks on the link is directed to a page that says the file can't be accessed, because it violates Google's terms of service.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is leaving conservative news outlet Breitbart News Network yet again.