Domingo, 09 Diciembre, 2018

Iran Will Commit to Nothing beyond Nuclear Deal — Foreign Ministry

Trump again waives sanctions against Iran Iran threatens US to retaliate for sanctions against chief judge
Eleena Tovar | 14 Enero, 2018, 07:16

In October, Mr Trump controversially announced that the United States was pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal negotiated during the Obama presidency, but he ordered Congress to come up with a solution that might justify staying in the agreement.

Trump has constantly criticized the pact inked between the six world powers, namely China, Russia, Britain, France, the United States and Germany, and Iran in 2015, in which the West promised to relieve sanctions on Tehran in exchange for a halt in Iran's efforts to develop a nuclear weapon.

"I hereby call on key European countries to join with the United States in fixing significant flaws in the deal, countering Iranian aggression, and supporting the Iranian people", he said.

The senior officials of the Trump administration also said that to keep up the the nuclear agreement in the future, Washington would coerce his European partners to agree to impose new conditions on Iran.

While other JCPOA signatories havecalled on the United States to comply with the agreement's provisions, saying that the deal had yielded results and was non-negotiable, Trump signaled a possible withdrawal from the deal if the agreement was not improved.

"By end of January, as we understand, will appear two reports from [the U.S. Presidential] Administration to the Congress in line with implementation of the August anti-Russian law", he said. While Iran's regular military, the Iranian Army or the Artesh, exists to defend the nation's borders from outside enemies, the IRGC exists specifically to counter domestic affairs in order to protect the country's radical Islamic system.

But "Trump was forced once again to extend Iran's nuclear sanctions waiver despite all the boasts", he added. The Treasury Department placed sanctions on the head of the Iranian judiciary and a notorious prison. "The Iranian regime is the world's leading state sponsor of terror".

Now, his aides say this is the last time he's going to do this unless the deal is fixed.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by telephone with Trump on Thursday, reminding him of France's determination to strictly abide by the treaty and the importance that all parties adhere to it. However, Trump did not to contest Tehran's compliance with the deal at the international level.

"This is the last chance", Donald Trump said in a statement, as Efe quoted.

The Trump administration has sanctioned Iran over its ballistic missile development and support of groups affiliated with terrorism.

The European Union said it had taken note of Mr Trump's decision and would assess its implications. There are about 400 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors in Iran, and they indicate Iran is complying with the deal.

Congress has so far shown little interest in using legislation to undercut or change the current Iran nuclear deal. Iran has refused to do so.