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Trump slams controversial book as Michael Wolff defends claims — Fire and Fury

Fire And Fury Inside The Trump White House sold out in 20 minutes at Kramerbooks in Washington DC Image Fire And Fury Inside The Trump White House sold out in 20 minutes at Kramerbooks in Washington DC
Eleena Tovar | 14 Enero, 2018, 09:53

Trump threatened legal action, demanding that Holt withhold the book.

On Thursday, lawyers representing the president called on the book's publishers to stop the book's release.

The book extensively quotes former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. He said he has been with the president, and said, "He is not psychologically unfit. And his staff is no better".

Trump tweeted Friday: "The Mercer Family recently dumped the leaker known as Sloppy Steve Bannon".

"In what way?" the host responded.

Wolff also wrote that Blair had maneuvered for a job as Trump's Middle East envoy, according to the Guardian. The publisher moved up the release by four days. "Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as I make it look".

It also suggested she often has no idea where he is, or takes any interest in the billionaire's business empire.

Steve Bannon was Donald Trump's chief strategist
Image Steve Bannon was Donald Trump's chief strategist

Another said: "Really f**king presidential Don".

An Associated Press White House reporter breaks down the controversial book 'Fire and Fury' by Michael Wolff. And the book won't be available for shipping until Jan. 10. The New York Times's White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN that the author got some basic details wrong. "It certainly was not off the record", the Hill, quoted Wolff, as saying on NBC's 'Today Show'.

Wolff has said that the White House's response to his reporting simply proves him correct.

Mr. Deason and Republican donor Dan Eberhart both say that the passing of the GOP tax bill made them less likely to support GOP primary challengers like Roy Moore, whom Mr. Bannon supported over the Republican incumbent in the recent Alabama special election, which Moore lost to a Democrat.

Wolff said Friday he had spoken to Trump since the inauguration. In John Sterling at Macmillan, the book has a masterful editor, and three fact-checkers reviewed it. So I'm betting "Fire and Fury" will withstand whatever charges of journalistic impropriety come at it. Some bookstores sold out in under 10 minutes because everybody wanted to know what was in this bombshell book and I'm sure that was Michael Wolff's plan from the very beginning. "I can be the most famous man in the world", he had told his aide Sam Nunberg at the outset of the race.

It already has cost him a key backer.

There is even talk of firing Bannon from the helm of his "killing machine" and financially defanging the website.