Miércoles, 12 Diciembre, 2018

Trump will reportedly extend sanctions relief for Iran under nuclear deal

Trump Lets The Iran Deal Live — For Another Few Months At Least Iran rebuffs Donald Trump's demand for more nuclear negotiation
Eleena Tovar | 14 Enero, 2018, 20:25

China has reiterated its support for the Iran nuclear deal, praising Tehran for adhering to the agreement despite Washington's unilateral sanctions and constant threats to scrap it unless some "disastrous flaws" are fixed.

But Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the 2015 deal could not be renegotiated.

"If the president gets what he wants from the European, then he's willing to stay in the deal and keep waiving the sanctions", said a White House official. This is a last chance.

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"JCPOA is not renegotiable; rather than repeating tired rhetoric, the United States must bring itself to full compliance, just like Iran", he said. Under the current deal they are set to expire in 2025. The two sides exchanged opinions on a statement regarding the Iran nuclear deal made by the US, Xinhua news agency reported. "And if at any time I judge that such an agreement is not within reach, I will withdraw from the deal immediately".

The first U.S. sanctions against Russia were imposed in 2014 for its role in the Ukrainian crisis and for annexing Crimea.

Its framework includes stipulations that Iran would redesign, convert and reduce its number of nuclear facilities in order to lift nuclear-related economical sanctions, which would reportedly free up billions of dollars in oil revenue and frozen assets for Iran.

"Iran's response will be severe, and all consequences of this hostile act will be the responsibility of the United States", it said.

The 2015 Iran nuclear deal was struck between the US, under the administration of former President Barack Obama, Iran and five other countries.

Trump has directed the Treasury Department to slap targeted sanctions on 14 Iranian individuals and entities for a range of actions, including human rights abuses during recent protests there and censorship of the Iranian people.

"Trump has once again avoided the nuclear option on the nuclear deal".

US officials say the president will work with European partners to try to broker an agreement limiting Iran's ballistic missile activities. U.S. and other officials have complained that Iran's ballistic-missile program can easily be converted for nuclear use. Trump has repeatedly criticized the accord, while Iran has accused the U.S. of failing to comply with it. The next sanctions waivers are due in May.