Viernes, 15 Febrero, 2019

What Surprised Me Most About Barca Dressing Room — Coutinho

In form Roberto Firmino has hit 20 goals so far this season In form Roberto Firmino has hit 20 goals so far this season
Montrelle Montesinos | 15 Febrero, 2018, 17:02

This is where Keita comes in; the Guinea international is not so much a Coutinho replacement as he is a vital piece of the jigsaw, and possibly the final one. Sadio Mané began to look himself again at some point between his fortunate first and his emphatic third.

"You're always going to be behind in terms of thinking". That's how it is. Their 49 strikes combined are propelling this team's challenge. "It's part of our history unfortunately". "Porto are really strong, very experienced, very aggressive, very physical, but we are good as well so it will be an interesting game".

Klopp's faith has been handsomely repaid this season.

"He's not quite Luis Suarez, but he's not far off". Defenders took risks but only when necessary.

Barca are not allowed any more players from outside the EU yet have scouts all over South America seeking to secure deals. Liverpool looked, in a word, balanced. He led breaks from the centre of the pitch and used his energy to move up the pitch quickly to support attacks.

'We qualified for the Champions League without Phil, he was not involved in either of the Hoffenheim games [that qualified Liverpool for the group stage]. It worked a treat.

While their thrilling three will steal the headlines again, the work ethic of Liverpool shone on their long-awaited return to the knockout stage of the competition. After some joy for the hosts in the opening 20 minutes, Liverpool won the midfield battle decisively.

Barcelona ace Philippe Coutinho appreciates the dressing room culture he has joined.

UOL Esporte added that the talks were expected to continue in the coming weeks but Bolzan made it clear that, even if they reach an agreement, Arthur won't move to the Nou Camp before at least the January transfer window of 2019.

"They're two big idols for me and to play for the same team as them is great - but not just with them, with Andres [Iniesta] and the rest, too". 'Not everyone has the opportunity to play with the best player in the world.

When quizzed about how he settled in Barcelona, Coutinho said: "The welcome from Messi and Suarez has been great".