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This New Pokemon GO Feature Is Coming This Valentine's Day

Pokemon Go Valentine's Day This New Pokemon GO Feature Is Coming This Valentine's Day
Ramiro Mantilla | 06 Febrero, 2017, 15:20

Should Niantic release the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update soon?

There has however been no confirmation from Niantic Labs, the creators of the game, about any such event or the inclusion of the two mentioned Pokemon.

Mobile game company Niantic is in the process of preparing a new event for "Pokemon Go", which kicks off on February 14, .

Other "Pokemon GO" updates to expect are love-themed characters, new clothing elements, and bonus points.

"Pokemon Go" falls under this category, which means that Niantic may need to secure a permit to allow users from the said area to continue playing the game. According to Express, an ordinance in Milwaukee County Parks has imposed restrictions on "virtual and located-based augmented reality games".

"The permitting application process is further described on DPRC's website for companies that create and promote such games".

"Game activity shall only occur during standard park hours, unless otherwise authorized by the DPRC Director, who has the authority to designate special events and activities within the Parks outside of the standard operational hours".

While this may not directly affect players outside of the USA state, it could have long-term implications for Pokemon Go if other areas follow suit.

As of the moment, the game developer has not made any announcement.

Potential pricing was reportedly not discussed at the meeting, however, it seems likely that any kind of paywall for access could see Niantic have to change to their plans moving forward. John Hanke will also announce what's new in "Pokemon GO" at 10 AM CT in the United States. Nonetheless, a number of "Pokemon Go" gamers believe that the company will start mounting up the hints next week.

Latest "Pokemon Go" updates reveal that the Generation 2 Pokemon may be introduced in the game in the form of an update sooner rather than later.

Nearly all Pokemon GO players are already expecting a new event in celebration of the love month. These new rules could spark changes in how players enjoy the game especially with the changes that are supposed to happen this Valentine's Day.