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Heavy rains & floods coming despite Dineo downgrade

Dineo cyclone Dineo cyclone
Eleena Tovar | 16 Февраля, 2017, 13:13

South African petrochemical group Sasol Ltd workers temporarily put down tools in Mozambique due to tropical storm Dineo, the company's spokesman said on Wednesday.

Tropical storm Dineo has left a path of destruction in its wake along the coast of Mozambique since it arrived yesterday.

"It's now called ex-Dineo. It's now [been classified as] a tropical depression‚ which means winds have dropped significantly to speeds of about 51-62km/h‚" said South African Weather Service forecaster Wayne Venter.

Mozambique was last hit by two cyclones in January 2012, which killed 26 people and displaced more than 125,000, according to an official tally.

Heavy rain can be expected over the entire eastern half of Limpopo, including the Kruger National Park, where 100 to 200mm of rain could occur per day.

As Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal and Mpumulanga prepare for heavy rains and 80 km/h winds, images from Mozambique that was hit last prepare them for what is coming later this afternoon.

The weather service says despite the downgrade, residents in parts of the country can still expect flooding and heavy rains.

By Saturday, Dineo will drift into Botswana, but showers are still expected to continue over Limpopo Province.

Cyclone Dineo is now a tropical storm, but will dissipate to a tropical depression within the next 12 hours. It moved overland and didn't have the energy to sustain the power it had before.