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'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Quinn Scrambles With Ivy, Spectra Debuts

Tobias Pedroso | 20 Febrero, 2017, 21:13

According to the synopses (via TV Guide), Quinn and Ridge's (Thorsten Kaye) secret is in danger of being revealed.

The week of February 20 should be a juicy one on The Bold and the attractive. What else is on the way during the next few episodes? Quinn will be shocked to hear that Ivy knows about the kiss.

Facebook/TheBoldandtheBeautifulIvy knows the truth about Quinn and Ridge in the next episode of "The Bold and the attractive". There is nothing she won't do when she feels backed into a corner. First fantasizing about killing Katie (Heather Tom) then giving in to her self destructive tendencies by kissing Ridge show Quinn is out of control. But is she willing to take drastic measures to keep the status quo? The Bold and the lovely spoilers hint that Ivy will tell Brooke something about Ridge and Quinn, but viewers will have to tune in to see just how much she reveals.

According to new The Bold and the handsome spoilers, Spectra's newest line and fashion show could end in a dramatic failure! She is determined to work things out with him, the only man who seems to love her for who she is. Spectra Fashions will preview its new line during the coming week and everybody involved will be on pins and needles as they wait for the initial reviews. The Spectra family is clearly going to be around for a while and it sounds as if there are plenty of antics on the way.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers claimed that the week of February 20-24 might see a revelation about Quinn and Ridge's relationship. The Bold and the attractive spoilers reveal that they will come to an agreement that they need to nip this ongoing flirtation in the bud and at this point, it seems that they will manage to avoid having either Eric or Brooke find out. Ridge must do something about it, or he will end up losing Brooke. What finally pushes Thomas over the edge to leave Forrester Creations?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for the week of February 20-24 suggest more shockers and complications between relationships and family.