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Tom Daley Had 18 Month Affair with Model Edward William

Tobias Pedroso | 21 Febrero, 2017, 14:04

But unlike his Olympic dives, and despite being engaged to Oscar victor Dustin Lance Black, this one is less likely to earn Tom an award.

"For a period of 18 months, it's claimed the 22-year-old athlete exchanged sexually-explicit messages with 6′ 6" model Edward William, 27, before their relationship developed - becoming "purely physical".

A source said: "They live near each other in London and caught each other's eye".

"Ed obviously knew who Tom was, and was single at the time, so sent him a message".

"Others would say, 'Lance is away, are you going to be about?'"

'Ed told them [friends] it was a purely physical relationship with not much emotion involved.

It's believed Ed had coffees with Tom and Dustin, who had recently gone public, but Tom is then said to have invited Ed round when Dustin was out of the country.

"He said Tom was very confident and forward with a huge sex drive". Tom explained: "We don't have secrets". It would always happen when Dustin was away and would be quite short-lived.

They added: "Ed is not sure about Tom and Dustin's relationship and has said that perhaps they have an agreement that each of them can do what they want".

The Sun reports that Tom's agent refused to comment on the allegations while Ed said he did "not wish to comment on this".

Meanwhile, Tom and Dustin are planning to finally tie to knot together later this year.