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Trans Wrestler Taking Testosterone Wins Regional Title By Default

Cris De Lacerda | 21 Febrero, 2017, 14:58

A 17-year-old Dallas-area high school transgender wrestler who is transitioning from female to male has won a girls regional championship after a female opponent forfeited the match. (A proposal to the UIL Legislative Council a year ago to let transgender athletes compete as the gender they identify with was ignored.) Nancy Beggs, Mack's grandmother and guardian, says the two have been completely transparent with the IUL since he began transitioning. The top four finishers in the region qualified for the state tournament. Coppell's coach and athletic director also declined to comment.

Beggs won the regional title for Euless Trinity High School because her Coppell opponent to forfeit.

Less than two weeks ago, a wrestler's father sued the UIL, claiming Beggs should be suspended because using testosterone gives him an unfair advantage-and exposes other wrestlers to "imminent threat of bodily harm".

Jim Baudhuin, one of the parents involved with the lawsuit, suggested other coaches had previously forfeited matches with Beggs out of fear for their wrestlers' safety.

Beggs identifies as male but must compete against girls because of two UIL rules, one requiring student-athletes to compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate, and the other prohibiting boys from wrestling girls. The lawsuit urged the UIL to suspend Beggs because of the testosterone. Beggs' grandmother and guardian, Nancy Beggs, says the outcome was about "bias, hatred and ignorance".

Now both UIL guidelines and the Texas Education Code forbid the use of steroids, but make an exception if they are "dispensed, prescribed, delivered and administered by a medical practitioner for a valid medical goal".

The parents claim that he has an "unfair" advantage against the others competing, but the teens actually competing have said that they do not have a problem competing with Beggs.

"All we're saying is she is taking something that gives her an unfair advantage", Baudhuin said.