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Alan Colmes, liberal voice on Fox, dead at 66

Alan Colmes, liberal voice on Fox, dead at 66 Alan Colmes, liberal voice on Fox, dead at 66
Tobias Pedroso | 28 Febrero, 2017, 13:30

Alan Colmes, the radio and television host and commentator best known as the amiable liberal foil to the hard-right Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel, has died.

Slate published an obituary on Thursday attacking Colmes, a former Fox News contributor who died earlier that day at the age of 66. After all, Hannity and Colmes worked alongside one another for years on Fox's "Hannity & Colmes" show, which was a precursor to today's show "Hannity". In the context of Fox News, being a nice guy - and a "liberal" nice guy at that - meant being a buffoon, and a patsy.

"Only mean soulless assh*les could ever write and print something this vicious, cruel, and heartless".

But labeling Colmes a "buffoon, a "patsy" and "liberal weakling" was something Hannity would not let by him". He also defended Colmes as a "guy that had a human level of decency and love and kindness and humor", according to Townhall. "Colmes not only played the part to perfection - he defined it", Chotiner wrote. Chotiner doesn't take exception to Colmes' politics but complained that he was not good enough at advocating for liberal positions.

"We can mourn that Alan Colmes won't be around to watch the political era he, as an important cog in the Fox News machine, helped usher in; unfortunately, the rest of us have no choice", he wrote.